Your Favourite MMORPG Sucks.

Your Favourite MMORPG Sucks.
Saturday — April 3rd, 2010

Here’s a chart of how some common MMORPGs are seen by players of other MMORPGs. The idea is inspired by this image comparing some popular programming languages (we even ended up using the same Office Space stock image).

In related news, Danny has got me hooked on a muh-more-pig-uh called Valkyrie Sky. It’s a mash-up of the fantasy MMORPG and shmup genres. It’s pretty okay for a freemium game, but the English is rather… Engrishy at times (For example, the weather sometimes says “It’s a clear day. Feel so good.“)

– Alex


  1. guy

    エエエ イージモード? キモイ イージモードは小学生までだよね?w

  2. Kittymouth

    Even Ultima Online fans see Ultima Online as an outdated typewriter?

  3. Venalitor

    could also replace all images with meat-grinders/woodchippers.

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