Wrong Number

Wrong Number
Thursday — April 22nd, 2010

Last week, I was receiving a several phone calls from various men looking for a “Lola”. At first I thought it was the wrong number. But when one person called, and was insistent that the number was right and was from Craigslist, I decided to look further into the problem. After some digging, I found out that this “Lola” character was a lady in her 60s selling adult services on Craigslist. I inspected the post, and sure enough the phone number was my phone number.

Through my experiences in life, I’ve realized that these types of mistakes don’t happen very often. I was pretty sure someone was out to get me. I couldn’t think of anyone I’ve crossed in the past few months, so I decided to contact Craigslist, to tell them to take down the posting. Stating that the phone number was incorrect. After about an hour, the post was removed. However about 7 days later, I start receiving phone calls again. In my mind, I was now certain that it was some jackass out to get me, that I left my phone number somewhere and they where trying to piss me off.

I went looking for the number again on Craigslist, and sure enough I found the post. However, this time I saw a second number within the post itself. The phone number was only 1 digit off from my phone number. What a relief I felt, as trying to find out who would sink this low against me would be pretty hard. Getting their IP from Craigslist would be hard, and setting the police on them would be a hassle. So I decide to give the “Lola” a call, after informing her that her post contained the wrong number, she seemed confused as we hung up. After about 10 minutes after I made the call, I got another call, it was “Lola”, and to my surprise she was deeply sorry for causing me inconvenience. I expressed to her that I was glad it was not on purpose, and so ended my short life as a call girl on Craigslist.



Dude, you’re burying the lede

“and so ended my short life as a call girl on Craigslist.”

Also, the characters page has shiny pictures for each of the cast. Go look at them, unless you’re chicken, McFly.

– Alex


  1. kloudykat

    No panting like heavy panting

  2. bender

    i almost get the feeling that eugene may have incited RJ’s mischevious
    side on purpose…

  3. danny

    He has to do something to pass the time.

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