WOW Ruins Friendships Part 1

WOW Ruins Friendships Part 1
Tuesday — February 15th, 2011

I keep coming back to this subject. I think I’m a drug dealer. I can convince most people to try something. However, once I lose interest in it, I completely stop doing it myself.

Take WOW for example. A couple months back I convince a friend of mine to play WOW. At first, I was patient, trying to show him around the best I could. But after a while he reminded me how repetitive and boring it was. I then decided to only play when we were both online, as I at least had some joy showing him around. Little did I know after about a week another friend who was playing on our server took over my role and started playing with them full time. I have a day job, so such “dedication” was not possible, but I didn’t complain as they seem to be having fun questing, when most of my fun came from instancing. About a week after I get on Skype, only to get an ear full of bullshit. The friend that took over my role of showing the new guy around, started going off about how I abandoned them and was squatting on the rewards of referral (Free month and some virtual mount). At which point I lost my shit. A, it’s a fucken game, if it’s not fun I stop playing, simple. B, I have a job and real life commitments, so losing your shit on me for something virtual shows me you don’t have your priorities straight.

If this doesn’t convince you to stop playing WOW, try these points.


PS> Sorry for the lack of post, Alex and I have been busy! I just quit my job, but I’ll get to that in another post.


  1. Greychapel

    ~5 years ago, I started playing WoW.

    3 years ago, I stopped Raiding.

    1 year ago, I stopped doing Dalies and Random Instances.

    Half a year ago, I stopped playing.

    Two weeks ago, I stopped paying.

    I should have stopped sooner.
    (Although, in retrospect, Vanilla still had some charm to it. Should have stopped at BC :P )

  2. Danny

    In Russian WOW quits YOU!

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