WOW Assassin

WOW Assassin
Thursday — September 3rd, 2009

Serious World of Warcraft players get angry when I mention this “get rich quick scheme”. But I’m sure more then a few of you have been ganked while trying to level your lowbie. And then subsequently camped. People are pricks, don’t you wish you could just pay someone to have that person’s precious level 80 epic banned? I knew I wish I could ban bastard rouges that camp your body after they ganked you wasting your time and making the gaming experience shitty.

But honestly I find the game a big waste of time. People take it way to seriously, like that wow kid with the remote… you know what I’m talking about. People will organize raids, and some 10 year old boy will be trying to tell you how and when to cast your spells, I mean wtf. Why can’t it just be simple fun, you want to raid some epic thing, fine, the game detects your shitty gear and death ratio and adjust the difficulty accordingly. Why do you need 40 people to do an instance? Why is all the good gear only in these instances? I mean we play mmos to escape reality and it’s rules, yet you get guilds that put a whole new set of rules like raids at 7:30pm on Mondays, wtf is this a job or a video game. The game just makes me want to rage quit, start up a wow assassin company and get all those people banned. But maybe I’m being too harsh. People who play these games get to be things they are not normally, like the leaders, the important people. Even if it is for a virtual game. Aren’t our lives all virtual? We all show fake faces in different places, be it at work or at school. Maybe the real person we are is in our virtual selves.

I also realized WOW assassin could actually harm people in real life. I mean people take their virtual selves seriously. There was a man in china who killed another man in cold blood because he stole his epic item and sold it. WOW assassins may become real assassin by accident. So please don’t try this at home kids. Even to that jerk rouge.

- Danny


I love it when people use the word “rouge” instead of “rogue.” It makes those killer assassins sound more like cosmetic supplies.

– Alex


Way to proof read my post. Jerk.


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  1. taltamir

    to be fair, the man in china didn’t kill him for “stealing the item and selling it”. The killer auctioned the item, the winner bid 270$ for it, the buyer took the item first, but did not pay the money. The police laughed at him so he took the law into his own hands… “but its just a game” you say? well, go try and steal someone 270$ gold club and see what happens.

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