Why You Shouldn’t Waste Food

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Food
Tuesday — April 27th, 2010

My parents lived in poverty most of their lives in China getting by mainly on what they could grow in the fields. Thus I was raised to always finish the food in front of me, regardless of the amount, and to never complain that I was “full”. They would tell me that those who complain about “fullness” would also become the ones that would have nothing to eat in the future. I assumed it was due to their eventual laziness that they would be unable to strive to do better in life, hence become hungry. To this day, I still find myself finishing every speck of rice in my bowl regardless of how big the bowl may be.

Though I was born in Canada, and never starved a day in my life, I could understand their suffering, that or the fact that they wouldn’t quit bitching until the bowl was empty. Despite this regiment I some how managed to maintain a health weight. This was also due to the fact that there was never any junk food in the house. All of the junk food I had as a child was consumed in secret at school or during binging when I happen upon some money. My father wouldn’t even let me drink pop in his presence, which I am kind of thankful for as I never grew up relying on sugar water for energy.

This comic came up when I was eating Pho with some coworkers. I had caught a cold last week, and I thought I could handle and “EXTRA” large bowl. I got to about 70% and could no longer physically consume any more. I tried to convince them that I rarely let food go to waste, and one of them said jokingly that I was going to hell for wasting good food. That got me thinking, that if there was a hell, and that one of the tortures were to consume food you ever wasted, what would be in there?


Re: Takeru Kobayashi

The hovertext mentions Takeru Kobayashi. If you don’t know about this guy, he’s a (former?) world-class eating champ from Japan. Unlike most of the American competitors, he’s actually quite fit; he sports a six-pack and everything. I’ve heard his training regimen include eating a redonkulous amount of cabbage to expand his stomach, then going jogging.

– Alex

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