What is SpaceChem?

What is SpaceChem?
Thursday — February 23rd, 2012

SpaceChem is by far the nerdiest game I’ve ever seen. The objective of the game is to create a space station that creates a very specific chemical from raw materials in the environment.

What will they think of next, splicing DNA together?



I’m stuck on the space station world, the one where you first get to use flipflops. There’s one reactor where you have to handle an input of 50% phosphorus and 50% carbon, along with H2 as the other input; for every phosphorus atom that comes in, I end up with one extra of hydrogen atom. I only have to produce ten molecules, so I thought I could get away with stashing the extra hydrogen atoms around the reactor, but I run out of space. I guess I’ll have to find out a real solution, eventually. =/

Anyways, up until that level, fun times! Setting up and optimizing reactors is absorbing. Watching your entire production chain going is mesmerizing.

– Alex

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