Ups and Downs: Ordering

Ups and Downs: Ordering
Saturday — April 18th, 2009

I really like trying new food out. We are especially lucky in Toronto because of the dozens of cultures have restaurants. But there is always a risk that you order something bad at a good restaurant. Here are some tips I use,

-Look at the pictures, when ordering, so I get an idea of what the food will look like. This works at most fast food type restaurants, and it also gives you an idea of the portions.
-Case the joint out as I enter. This gives me an idea of what to look for on the menu. This way, if you go to a place and have no idea what the dish is called you can at least point to the table with the dish you want to try.
-Ask the waiter/waitress, you just have to ask them for a few recommendations, to avoid getting nailed for what’s the most expensive dish. Which isn’t always the best dish.
-Go with a friend from that culture. This is by far the best option, though there is a chance you don’t have the same taste they do.


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  1. Misoski

    I just buy everything over time :3

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