Toronto Ups and Downs: Free H1N1 Shot

Toronto Ups and Downs: Free H1N1 Shot
Saturday — November 7th, 2009

Science has brought us a vaccine, yet there’s a slight problem meeting demand. So what happens? A bunch of people gather together in queues. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if standing in line for the flu shot might get you a few other communicable diseases.

Related: I’m hating all of the information around the web saying that the vaccine is deadly and that no one should take it because it causes [stupid list diseases] and contains [scary list of chemicals]. I’m hating it partly because it results in less idiots taking the vaccine (which reduces the herd immunity), and partly because I don’t like people misusing and/or making up facts.

– Alex

Side Effects

Apparently, the Toronto Raptors got their shots already. I wish I was a Raptor so I could jump the line. XD



  1. JackXD

    Turns out, the flu isn’t so deadly at all.

  2. Locke

    The problem isn’t how deadly it is. It’s that it’s far more deadly to teenagers and young adults who are typically the best off for these kinds of diseases and that we have NO immunity to it. Typical influenza isn’t an epidemic because so many people have a basic immunity to it and can fight it off faster than it kills them, but H1N1 wins that race way too often. Of course my opinion is that any deaths from a preventable and treatable disease is too much

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