Unfortunate Accident

Unfortunate Accident
Tuesday — January 12th, 2010

This comic reminds me of when Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), created a duplication machine, and started causing havoc. I really love Calvin and Hobbs, it is my favorite comic series of all time. I used to save up money to order them from Scholastic, so that I could give them as a birthday gift to my sister Emily, since she was the one who introduced me to the comic. I was always impressed by the comics vocabulary level, and the carefully calculated responses Calvin would have for disobeying his mother. The comic is also full of great observations of life. It’s like the Simpsons (the classic Simpsons), they get funnier as you get older. I would really like it if I were able to write as well as Bill Watterson someday, but I guess I’m still a few thousand hours short in terms of practice.


PS. Speaking of replications and clones check out MadTV Arnold Clone.

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