My 55” LED TV Doesn’t Fit In My Coupe #firstworldproblems

My 55” LED TV Doesn’t Fit In My Coupe #firstworldproblems
Saturday — December 3rd, 2011

This happened to me 3 weeks ago, when I bought our display LCD TV for the Graphics trade show. I wanted to buy 2 TV’s and 2 stands for the show, but my credit card had expired and I didn’t know. So I ended up trying the card a few dozen times as the store was closing, and the walmart employees were gathering around the cashier I was holding up. I ended up using my bank card… and could only buy 1 tv and 1 stand what a pain in the ass, thanks for nothing MBNA.

Of course I thought maybe I could jam the TV and stand into my car 2 door coupe. But the Walmart employees upon seeing my car said they wouldn’t even try. Thankfully, a Walmart employee sweet talked a taxi cab into putting the TV in their back seats, so I ended up paying the cab to drive my TV and stand all the way to the airport (50 bucks), while I trailed behind in my car.

When I arrived, the building was all dark, so I was really confused. Turns out they moved the show to another building near by. When I got to the door, security told me I couldn’t move stuff in and out this late in the evening. I managed to convince them into letting me borrow a dolly and push it through a side door. I tipped the cabby 10 bucks for waiting and helping me move it into the building.

When I finally wheeled the TV and stand to the booth area, I went to work putting together the stand. The stand is more complicated to construct than a Japanese GUNDAM. After about 2 hours it was complete, and I vowed to never buy a TV stand again.

All in all the TV played a minor role at the show. I ended up selling it to Brock, and he drove it back to Brockville in his Honda civic. I just give him the stand as a house warming gift.

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