Friday — July 10th, 2009

The streetcar system needs to be REMOVED. Not only do you get a bunch of cars backed up, in some cases 5 streetcars, behind a broken streetcar. You can actually get cases where a streetcar breaks down midway through a turn, BLOCKING the entire intersection. The only solution is to get buses, or to build dedicated tracks for all streetcars, that are elevated or something.



  1. anon e mouse

    DISAGREE. Couldn’t disagree more. I love the street cars.

  2. Alex

    I want to say that it’s been mostly good to me, but I have to say that this happens from time to time (and it still sucks when it does).

  3. br0ck

    The streetcar system is good…except for the majority of the time, when the above happens. They simply need to increase their maintenance efforts, and therefore reliability. Does any other transportation industry have such as shoddy maintenance record? In he airline maintenance industry, we have certain standards in place to ensure things like this do not happen. Maybe they should adopt some of our standards.

  4. David

    the streetcar system is genuinely EMBARRASSING.

    Seriously. It’s inefficient. Old. Antiquated.

    Seriously Toronto, build a subway. This city really sucks so hard on so many levels. Only the arrogant Torontonians think it’s awesome. They never went anywhere else.

  5. Locke

    I’ve seen some systems that work. They just have 2 lanes everywhere and plenty of places to switch tracks to get around broken down trains.

  6. a1024s

    Streetcar system here (I’m not from Toronto) is really good. Unless a tree falls on the tracks or something, they’re almost never delayed. We also however has some weird hybrid of bus and streetcar, that is always pulling shit like that (even though it should in theory be possible for them to bypass each other.)

  7. Danny

    What city are you from? I think Toronto needs to copy that one.

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