Trip to Asia: Things You Learn Traveling, part 1

Trip to Asia: Things You Learn Traveling, part 1
Thursday — June 18th, 2009

Because Alex can’t possibly draw all these tips, though I’m sure given enough caffeine and time he could, I think you should still see them:

Things You Learn Traveling in Asia:
-Ear plugs and eye mask are key to staying sain, especially if all your friends snore
-Massages in asia in shady areas often have happy endings, so GO TO SPAs
-Window seat is a nice view, but it is also the loudest seat
-Don’t drink the tap water, you’ll be sorry
-Beer is cheaper then pop, but try not to binge
-Make sure they turn the meter on for the taxi, they will try to scam you
-Make sure you don’t give the taxi hundreds, they will scam you by giving you a fake one back
-Someone told me there was once a thief so good, he managed to steal his wallet, which was on the inside of my jacket, by cutting a hole with a razor on the INSIDE of his jacket.
-There are buildings that don’t have escalators that are 8 stories high, just like our apartment
-There is no central heating/cooling in asian appartments
-If you buy a new place in china, all you get is an empty box, NO DOORS, NO WINDOWS pre installed
-Cars don’t yield to no one in asia
-Bikes don’t yield to no one in asia
-People take test for driving cars and scooters, the test is basically the instructor telling you what the answers are
-Drivers in asia are very skilled because they have to pay attention to everyone, bikes people and other cars, all with death wishes
-Food is cheaper in asia, but it is also less clean
-Very few shops will give you napkins when you eat
-That skin tight body wallet is good only for countries with mild weather, unforturnately you put your passport in there with 30+ degrees, now we can’t read the passport photo/info sorry you can’t leave the country.
-A cleaver way to avoid getting mugged is to act poor, or better yet act like a mugger, though that may have side effects
-Subway hacks, you can get off before the end of the line, and get back on to get a discount
-Having friends in other countries rock, they can show you where to go and what to avoid!

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