Trip to Asia: The Checklist

Trip to Asia: The Checklist
Saturday — May 30th, 2009

Speaking of Swine flu. We were lucky that we left in april, 4 days before the out break in Mexico. We were unlucky that we had to go in and out of customs. I filled out 20+ forums. An arrival and departure card for each country, and a health declaration for every arrival. I swear if they were selling pens they would make a killing.

We had a close call in Maccau, because they did manual scanning of all Canadians. By scanning I mean health check. We were taken aside and held in a holding area for 20 mins, then brought over to be checked by a doctor. I swear if you sneeze or cough it felt like you were going to be locked away. Besides Maccau, both China and Hong Kong had a good system. They just infrared scanned everyone, and the computer automatically detected if you had a spike in temperature. Very efficient.


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