Trip to Asia: One For All

Trip to Asia: One For All
Thursday — June 4th, 2009

So on the plane, Ray is pretty pissed that he just lost his PSP. We try to convince him it’s no big deal, and at least there was the in-flight movie display in front of each chair, along with a power adapter for his laptop. Which I must say was pretty neat, because it was a personal media station with movies and music. Unless of course it doesn’t work. Which sadly happened to us. One of the displays were dead 2 rows ahead of us, and the person in that seat naturally complained to the flight attendant. Trying to be helpful and fair, she decides to reset the system to try and rectify the issue. Off goes the displays, and they remained that way for the next 10 hours. Apparently the reset failed, and despite her best efforts, multiple resets, they refused to turn on again. So we are now stuck with no entertainment for the next 10 hours. We were right next to the engines so sleep was not going to happen. Rollin and I resort to telling each other “your mama” jokes, coming up with whole new ways to diss each others mamas. That lasted about 2 hours. So we just sat there miserable for next 8 hours, until at last someone snapped and demanded that they try to reset the displays again. It actually worked this time, and we managed to squeeze some entertainment out. We actually got 5% discount off our next flight for their blunder. But honestly, what makes them think I’ll enjoy Air Canada AGAIN?



  1. MorphineMatt

    Oh..the airplane was obviously a ROT-1-> “BJSCVT” then :-)

  2. a1024s

    Please use ROT13. Decoding by hand is a pain and the cypher isn’t even symmetric.

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