Treasure World

Treasure World
Thursday — July 9th, 2009

Treasure World is the sort of game where if you thought the best part of The World Ends With You was Mingle Mode and you loved the concept behind Achievement Unlocked.

Each unique wifi signal unlocks a treasure or earns you some monies to buy treasures. It’s a bizarre DS game where the game is to put the DS in your pocket and travel around outside. I went out warbiking on Sunday and Monday and found a few hundred APs. So far I have around 1200 unique signals picked up. I’ve been poring over Google Maps on satellite mode, trying to find high-density residential areas to grab their APs; it’s sort of awkward scoping out sites in like that in real life, though =/

– Alex

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  1. Danny

    That explains why I haven’t been able to reach you on the interwebs.

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