Total Recall Toronto

Total Recall Toronto
Thursday — August 11th, 2011

What the hell is going on. Why would you remake something that was already perfect??? Colin Farrell is no Arnold. Jason Momoa is no Arnold. Though I must admit Jason is at least physically closer than Colin.

The filming for Total Recall managed to make traffic even worst in Toronto than usual. Is it right for them to inconvenience thousands of people during their morning commute, for a few million?

I know these remakes won’t live up to the originals, but I can at least hope they worth watching as AVI’s.

As for the whole Shakespeare not being a real author comment. I’m not saying he’s not real, it would be like denying the moon landing/911 type thing. But I was watching a youtube video, and someone on screen mentioned it in passing, which got me curious. It must have been this trailer I saw a few weeks before hand that planted the seeds of doubt. For all I know that jerk in the video was on Sony’s payroll.


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