Toronto G20 Money

Toronto G20 Money
Tuesday — June 29th, 2010

The G20 arrived in Toronto this weekend. Since I live 3 blocks away from the conference center, I basically spent the entire weekend indoors.

Truth be told, I’m more then a little upset at the thugs that decided protesting means you can ignore laws. Laws such as not smashing windows, setting fires to police cars, or throwing bricks at reporters. Come on, what the hell are you thinking? These people are not protesting anything, they are just thrill seeking.

All in all I think the police presence was worth 1 billion dollars. It would have been better if the police actually did something on Saturday, while the vandals were having their way with stores. I mean they should have interjected or rushed them. Which makes me wonder if the police let the Black Bloc happen, feeding the crowd old police cars to be smashed, so the next day they could take the gloves off and totally woop ass.

I’m just glad it’s over.


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