Too Much Food

Too Much Food
Thursday — February 24th, 2011

So last Friday was my last day at my previous company. I went out with a bang. I took a bunch of co-workers to a 2 hour lunch that involved 3 pei-king ducks over 8 different dishes. At the end of it, most of them were stuffed to maximum capacity, and we had 2 grocery bags full of take out. Next I brought some grey goose for everyone to enjoy at work. After I was liquored up, I ended up taking solo pictures with everybody in the company including the CEO. Sang GLEE tones at the party. DJ’ed in some gangster rap, before smoking cigars and calling it a night.

Fun time :D


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  1. Winnie

    I’m glad you mentioned that after YOU brought the grey goose, YOU got liquored up

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