Too Many Good Cheap Games #firstworldproblems

Too Many Good Cheap Games #firstworldproblems
Sunday — December 11th, 2011

With the seasonal game sales on top of the daily sales, I’ll never want for cheap games ever again. I picked up a bunch of neat indie games like Shatter, Sequence, Gundemonium collection, The Binding of Issac.

Specifically, The Binding of Issac has been taking up a lot of my gaming time recently. It’s a rogue-like game with more of an action bent, and a big feature of rogue-like games is their replayability. The game also unlocks more items and bosses, which appear in later playthroughs; the more you play the game, the richer the experience becomes.


  1. Zuppka

    Ha, I know what you mean. It doesn’t help much that I am in the middle of exam week either! >_>

    Anyway if you are into rogue-like games, I strongly recommend Dungeons of Dredmor (which was available on the last Humble Indie Bundle sale and on Steam). It’s like Nethack but with actual graphics! Hours of time lost! :D

  2. Alex

    Oh no, not more awesome games. ;) I’ve already lost countless hours to Spelunky, and that’s just to the freeware version.

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