Time Machine: Part 2

Time Machine: Part 2
Saturday — July 10th, 2010

Saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, it brings back memories, a great movie. Not a fan of the whole 3D glasses thing, and how the theater basically just jacked up the price of movies. We had movie passes, but still had to pay 3 dollars extra a head to get in.

It’s sort of understandable that they added this 3 dollar fee. I used to work at a theater, and it turns out they don’t really make money from the seats they sell. All the money they make comes directly from concessions, which explains the massive prices for pop and corn.

Also watched Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a dark movie about Swedes and their deep dark secrets. I highly recommend it. I started disliking Swedes, because they beat us in curling this year.

Going to see The GaGa this weekend, I’m so going to wear a TOBlender tshirt that says, TOBlender loves the GAGA.

Alex is away white water rafting… *tear* he’s all grown up now :D


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