This Is War

This Is War
Thursday — September 17th, 2009

Recently I’ve been introduced into the horribly addictive game known as Magic the Gathering (MTG for short). To my surprise virtually everyone at work has played MTG at some point in their lives. I started off small, just playing some of Alex’s extra decks. After about two days I went and bought my first starter deck. Then another one the next day. Then over the next few days I bought three booster packs a day. ‘Til at last Alex had to stop me from buying a box of M10 from PAX. I have since stopped my consumption of magic, but like a hungry blood elf, I once again started feasting. The problem is once you think you have a good deck, your opponents go buy some more cards to counter your current cards. Then you go out to buy counters of their counters, and the next thing you know you have a 300 dollar order for magic cards from

I think these addictions stem from a deprived childhood. How many of you have thought to yourself when you were young, when I make money, I’m going to buy all the toys I want! Yet some how when we get older that dream fades away. Having fun become travelling, buying an expensive car of some godly console that takes forever to load a game. I for one want to return to the basics. I’m glad people around me feel the same way.


Believe in Magic

I started playing in high school, and dropped it when I entered university. Never spent any serious money until PAX, basically. I really want to make the most out of the collection I have right now, but, you know, just one card run from starcitygames. Just one.

And, yes, I do have a Pestilence deck. It’s the easiest combo deck in the world to make; just drop in some “protection from black” and something to break the life loss symmetry, and you’re golden.

– Alex


  1. mike

    Yugi-oh! Abridged.
    Very nice.
    I like your comics.

  2. danny

    Thanks! We are always glad to hear people enjoy them.


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