Things That Hurt: Walking Into Window

Things That Hurt: Walking Into Window
Thursday — January 20th, 2011

Back to classic one shot gags. I really hate it when this happens. Especially when people are around, or when your carrying heavy things.

We played our weekly game of Talisman, and surprise surprise Alex won AGAIN. That’s 3 out of 4 times we’ve played he’s won. Really pisses me off because the game feels like pure chance. I pick up stupid cards and roll stupid 1′s. Totally makes me hate it.

Alex and I have been designing characters for “Throne”. I have to get around to putting the project up on totally cool way to fund projects. Throne will be much more light hearted then Aegis. I’m aiming for a heart warming light action comedy. We’ll see if it works.



  1. Ivan

    I had this happen to me once. The story: I’d just left from the bathroom, and am heading towards the doors of the building I’m in to get to the bus only to see that it’s outside right now and so I run for the door only to meet solid glass. I slip myself off after a few moments and start laughing, and turn around to see just how many people are looking at me. Unsurprisingly most everyone in the building is. Still laughing, I slowly make my way out of the building. There’s a line of people waiting to get into the bus, a few of these people turn around to see what’s so funny. I take my place in line and manage to stifle my laughter for a moment. The man in front of me is still looking at me. So I proudly tell him “I ran into the window pane.” and start laughing again and he turns away without a word.

    Even now, after more than a year since this happened, I can’t help but laugh about it still.

  2. Danny

    Haha, it really helps to laugh when you come upon misfortune. I think people need to try that more often.

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