Things That Hurt: Epee To Lower Region

Things That Hurt: Epee To Lower Region
Tuesday — November 8th, 2011

I’ve been taking fencing classes for the last 5 weeks. Great sport. I actually go to a place called Sword Player in Toronto. For about $150 you get 8 lessons 1 hour lessons. All the equipment is provided, and the instructor is pretty awesome.

My class has a total of 4 students. We end up rotating parters ever exercise. This is a good thing because there is this one woman there who has problems following instructions or aiming. You see we are suppose to aim for each others leading shoulder as it is the closest exposed target. But for some reason she keeps aiming for my genitals. We don’t wear any protection down there, and more than a few times I’ve almost had my balls skewered. Some of you may wonder, why I don’t just block / step away? Well in this school of fencing we train to overcome the natural reflexive fears, such as bringing our arms up to block. Hence we actually just take turns stabbing each other to get use to the sensation.

Thankfully as the classes progressed, we learned parries and counters, so we are now allowed to react. Needless today I need to parry low ever time I’m paired with her.


  1. Lukkai

    - A cool ship from Wing Commander.
    - Something you don’t want to catch with your nether regions.

    Another thing that hurts: Catching a floorball ball with your crotch when not wearing protection. It’s hard, small enough to hit in a way that will really hurt and is usually shot with quite some speed.

  2. danny


    Ah Wing Commander, that bring back memories, I liked the book series Rogue Squadron, is awesome Michael A. Stackpole.

    I remembered ball hockey in highschool intramurals a friend of mine was hit that way… he was down for a few minutes…

  3. Rob

    Parry Octave, riposte foot.

  4. Danny

    Opposition 6, lunge!

  5. Rob

    Sure, 6 with opposition if she aims where she’s supposed to.

  6. satori

    Hmm, I kinda recall my college has a fencing team – I should’ve joined that back then. Though yeah, it’s a bit late now since I’ve already graduated lol.

    But really, I was thinking of joining the soccer, fencing or baseball team, too bad I was having a lot of schoolwork hehe. Thanks engineering, lol XD

  7. Lukkai

    @danny: Michael A. Stackpole is just about my favourite writer. The man really knows how to tell a story and his protagonists rarely ever have unnecessary plot armour. There are a lot of writers that I deeply respect, but Stackpole comes out on top. Funnily enough I have yet to read one of his Star Wars novels. I know him mostly from his Battletech, Shadowrun and stand alone books (especially Dark Glory).

    Yeah, I know the pain of getting hit by a floorball ball. Especially since I usually took the position of goalkeeper when we were playing back in school (I was one of the very few in class not afraid of getting hit by a ball or stick).

  8. danny

    It’s never too late. I’ve been graduated from engineering for 3 years now. Not sure where you live but I recommend you check out the community colleges, they have some pretty amazing stuff they teach. You can totally learn something like wielding. :D

    I feel the same way about Stackpole, amazing author. Funny I’ve only read his Star Wars works. I HIGHLY recommend “I JEDI”, a story about a Coruscant cop that discovers he can use the force. I really like how the author shows that the light/dark side thing is overrated, and that things are often grey.

    That’s the book that got me started on the Star Wars novel universe.

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