Things I Would Not Eat

Things I Would Not Eat
Saturday — August 15th, 2009

I have a friend, who at a young age would chew gum until the flavor was finished. Then proceed to pass the pre-chewed gum to her brother. Who would chew it, until the flavor was finished, who would then proceed to pass the gum on to the youngest brother. Who would chew it and throw it out. I believe this model is the correct one for maximizing gum usage in this economy.



  1. Daniella*

    Yes this would definately save us $$ on gum…but it would greatly affect the healthcare providers in the H1N1 crisis if people passed their germs around so effectively through chewing gum. Kinda gross..but this was a good reminder of the fact that i’m normal and chew gum until it loses flavour and the proceed to throw it out. So for the record i would not eat it either..interesting post..

  2. Misoski

    Germs are passed on but only the strongest will survive to breed-able age? o_o

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