There Is Always Money In The Children

There Is Always Money In The Children
Tuesday — May 31st, 2011

GRRRR some jerk stole my bike while I was in acting class.

What’s worst is the jerks didn’t even leave any trace of my lock. So I ended up walking around dumbly for 20 mins looking for the bike.

I went to the security office on campus, and they told me to call the Toronto Police services. I called the police (4168082222) and within the first few questions, it became very clear to me that I would never see the bike again.

So my tips to you bike owners, REGISTER the bike, engrave a number onto the frame and wheels. Buy I good lock. This one looks interesting. Lock the bike in a visible area.


Re: Koala

At first is was supposed to be another clingy kid, but doesn’t “Thirteen kids, One Guy, and a Koala” sound like a show you’d find on TLC? You know, like these other fine television programs:

– Alex


  1. winnie

    those jerks! O_O

  2. bender

    lol, he’s gonna be poor as hell paying for all those kids. And about your
    bike: sorry for your loss dude. I actually installed a car alarm powered by a
    train horn in my scooter, so nobody fucks with me.

  3. Danny


    Great idea. I was thinking of installing electric shocks but I decided it wouldn’t be so legal.

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