The Planking King

The Planking King
Thursday — October 13th, 2011

There has been a unique little subculture lately of people planking on stuff. I was first introduced to the concept after seeing an article about a GameStop employee being fired for planking on the job. In fact someone has died planking on top of a high place.

I think the problem is the lack of excitement in our lives, or the ability to plank out in the crowd, that drives us to do it.

Seeing some of these crazy planks, makes me wonder how much of it is photoshoped. Videos or it didn’t happen.

Planking is Old Hat

Thursday — October 13th, 2011

Danny’s not keeping up with all the hip things young people are doing. Planking is something your grandma does, it’s now all about owling and cone-ing.

Oh, wait, that was almost three months ago. It’s now, um, this?


  1. Lukkai

    Pst. In the article I spot an “outisde” and an “encourgaed”.

    Also sad you didn’t show the full right side. Now I will always wonder if that text actually makes sense or if you just threw a bunch of random Latin words together. ;)

  2. Danny


    Thanks for the revisions, I’ll be sure the crack the whip on Alex.

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