The Student Diet

The Student Diet
Thursday — March 17th, 2011

Cooking for one is impossible. I’ve been living alone on and off for 4 years now and my biggest issue is food. Cooking anything significant outside of instant noodles results in eating that meal for days or throwing it out, both of which SUCK. For a while I would pack my fridge with microwave dinners, simply to have food on hand. I got to the point where I was eating microwave food for 2 to 3 of the meals a day. This shit is NOT healthy for you. The amount of sodium, preservatives and carbs will put you into an early grave. Lately to counter act these Hungry Man marathons, I’ve been eating out. But eating out every meal quickly adds up to several thousand dollars a year. They need to make McDonald’s, but healthy. After all, you are what you eat.


Play Tetris with friends

A couple of friends of mine created an online mutliplayer battle tetris game call I’ve been playing with my coworkers and it’s AWESOME. You can create a private tetris battle room with up to 8 of your friends, and have a Tetris BATTLE ROYAL. The game allows players to attack each other with more then 5 unique attacks. It’s all in browser so there’s no stupid downloads, and it’s instant multiplayer. A great way to find out who is the best tetris player in the world. CHECK IT OUT!



  1. Antonious

    Danny, Danny, Danny. Have you not heard of the wondrous creation called “THE FREEZER BAG”? When cook from a family recipe, the result is enough to feed a family. There is only my mom and I to eat it. So I bag and freeze it. Once a week at least, I make food like this and since there is more than a week’s worth of single serve meals in each recipe, I eventually create a variety of frozen single serve meals. As I have high blood pressure, this allows me to create low sodium frozen dinners for a lot less than the store sells theirs.

  2. Mayhem

    You need to have dinner parties with frieds more often and somekind of leftover swaps. Though canned soups and sandwiches also work well.

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