The Secret to Perfect Fitness

The Secret to Perfect Fitness
Wednesday — December 28th, 2011

Danny’s out of town, probably on a Boxing Day shopping spree, no doubt purchasing bulk orders of muscle shirts.

Meanwhile, I’m following the Steam Winter Sale and buying games like a sucker. I’m also replaying some of the old games I have getting the winter achievements for the holiday gift pile thing contest they have going.

Some gems that turned out to be pretty okay-awesome are Orcs Must Die! (a great action/tower-defense game with tongue-in-cheek protagonist) and Atom Zombie Smasher (which is like that zombie simulation applet, but with artillery).

– Alex


  1. satori

    Happy New Year’s Eve to you guys there, lol XD

  2. Alex

    Thanks Satori, I think we’re a bit closer to enlightenment. Enjoy the New Year. =D

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