The Santa Test

The Santa Test
Saturday — November 26th, 2011

I never believed in Santa growing up. I knew very early that you don’t get something for nothing. My parents were immigrants so they never knew about Santa and hence never told me about it when I was growing up. I learnt about Santa at school, but by that point I already knew who were giving me the gifts. This didn’t stop me from imagining that someday someone would bust down out my cemented chimney to give me a Super Nintendo. Despite not know about Santa my dad still got us a Christmas tree, and every year he would spend hours with me decorating it.

We use to pimp out our tree all sorts of decorations. Literally hundreds of little ornaments western and oriental, silver and gold trim, 3 sets of lights and lots of crystal figures. Come to think of it, the tree was one of the few nice things we would have in our house.

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  1. bob

    i want a flat screen tv

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