The Only Way To Defeat A Virus

The Only Way To Defeat A Virus
Thursday — February 11th, 2010

The third frame is a homage to one of my favorite TV shows, Superhuman Samurai. Can you believe they called the main bad guy KILOKAHN!? HAHAHAHAHA joy.


Elite Hacker

I never really liked that show myself. It was too blatant a rip-off of the Power Rangers/sentai shows. Still, can’t pass up an opportunity to mine for nostalgia.

– Alex


  1. Delta

    Am I the only one to notice that she’s dressed like Roll from the original Megaman Games?

    I have a dream where viruses are destroyed with videogamez.
    …Like Megaman Battle Network actually.

  2. Alex

    You win the “spot the cosplay” contest.

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