The Mage

The Mage
Tuesday — September 15th, 2009

I regret to inform you that I am back on the WOW bandwagon, after 8 months of going cold turkey. I finally caved and bought expansion WOTLK, and have resumed paying my monthly taxes like a diligent Blizzard citizen.

Shortly after logging into my level 70 epic geared mage account. I am ganked by a horde rogue. After he camped my body for 4 deaths, I began to wonder why I subject myself to this type of torment. Nonetheless I pressed on, and I am currently 4 levels away from actually playing the “real” game. By “real” I mean the worth while content known as “raids”, where most if not all the main storyline is told. Though I feel unready to take orders from a 12 year old, who has 1337 gear, simply because he has no job and no responsibilities other then WOW. My only option to get anywhere near that level of play time is outsourcing. But we know how well that goes…


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