The Fitness Journey

The Fitness Journey
Thursday — December 22nd, 2011

I’m a farmer at heart, I just love seeing things grow and progress. Seeing Alex get stronger every session brings a tear to my eye, I’m so proud of him :*).

Brendan’s comment about our squat style made me realize there was a more a better way with the weights we have access to.

I was so tired yesterday, I ended up passing out at 7pm. I told Siri to wake me up in 8 hours, to which in a British tone it informed me it would wake me up at 8pm. Tech fail. I had an intention to wake up at that time to get some coding done for a contract. The life of a mercenary.

So at 3am I get an alarm waking me up, at which point I hit snooze, telling myself a few more minutes and I’ll get up and code up a storm. At around 4:30, am I realized how fruitless it was hitting snooze and lying to myself. I turned off the Siri alarm, but an hour later my normal alarm comes on at 5am, which I set yesterday, but forgot to disable. I let it play and after half an hour I decide to get up and turn it off, and allow myself to sleep til morning. At 7:45 Alex calls me to inform me of his immanent arrival. At which point I’m like FML.

Note to self, stop making commitments I can’t keep. I’m not Batman.

Like a Boss

Thursday — December 22nd, 2011

Fun fact: the move in the second panel is kind of a mix-up between Monkey Steals the Peach and Ovarian Delight.

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