The Catan Joke That Never Gets Old

The Catan Joke That Never Gets Old
Saturday — August 20th, 2011

The guys at work joined forces and bought a Settlers of Catan board. If you think that board games are lame and stupid, then you haven’t played anything past Monopoly and Risk (which are lame and stupid). Catan is a much quicker game (takes about an hour, if you know the rules) and everyone still has a chance to win even late game. It has those quiet qualities about an enduringly fun game: simple to learn, hard to master.

You accumulate five different resources which you use to build things and earn victory points, and those resources are gathered based on where you place your settlements. These resources are freely traded by all four players, and inevitably, you are short on one particular resource but have a surplus in another. Part of what makes the game so hard to master is this positioning and trading aspect since you need to both maximize your gains and minimize all of your opponent’s.

There’s plenty of luck in the game as well (you roll a pair of dice to determine which tiles produce resources), but good players can win far more often against newcomers.

– Alex


  1. Antonious

    Sounds so much like a passive version of Tribal Wars.

  2. Zuppka

    I often fall in the ‘wood for sheep’ problem. Either I have no sheep, or my hand is full of sheep and I want to get rid of them. There is no middle ground with sheep!

    I once traded away the resources required for a city for one sheep. It was a good trade. :D

  3. bender

    “Ada, there’s a hole in your hand, and i can fill it with my piece of lumber.”
    O_o Is he asking for a handie?

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