Steal Magnolias

Steal Magnolias
Tuesday — August 3rd, 2010

Yes, Starcraft II is the talk of the town. It has so far consumed at least five people I know. Two have purchased new rigs to run it. I look forward to talking to them again in a few months, after they emerge from their den, blanched and dehydrated, but in victory.

I am playing Dragon Quest IX. With DQ9, you can train everyone with the steal skill “Half-Inch”, which leads to ridiculous situations as depicted in today’s comic. My character’s deft hands are not deft enough to steal items from paralyzed, sleeping monsters.

No one I know is playing DQ9, so all that multiplayer jazz has been mostly wasted on me. I did attend the GameStop/EB Games Dragon Quest event on Saturday. Quite a few people in such a small shop! I ended up playing about half an hour of multiplayer afterwards. Fun stuff. Big shout-outs to y0sh14r7, Hero, and Otto for the amazing boss strategy we developed. It’s a strategy I’d like to call “every turn, everyone egg-on the one warrior”. My character Talus also appreciates the experience points.

I’m on the look-out for any other DQ get-togethers; the biggest contender in Toronto is the Fan Expo at the end of August (this month!).

– Alex

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  1. y0sh14r7

    hey man nice comic lol fun times at eb games

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