StarCraft 2: Poor SCV

StarCraft 2: Poor SCV
Saturday — March 20th, 2010

I played SC2 back at PAX 09 after waiting about 2 hours in line. Was it worth the wait you ask? Yes, but why did they make the play limit only 20 mins?

Lately my coworkers have been addicted to Starcraft broodwars. Our office spans a full city block, so we have an east vs. west match every friday using WINE. The team I am on (west side) won most of the early matches, but the east found some new godly players who really could give us a run for our money. In the being our boss had not idea how to play starcraft, but after several weeks of yelling and coaching he’s quite the pro now.

One of my coworkers got the beta key recently and says the new game is amazing. However, no matter how amazing SC2 will be, SCBW will still have a special place in my heart.


ps. the lava comes from this beta video.


  1. NeoDarklight

    SC64 the best of them all for one reason only- game system exclusive units. Especially the Protoss one.

  2. Danny


    I just spent 15 mins looking for these exclusive units. Please show me them!

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