Spiderman and Batman Together at Walmart

Spiderman and Batman Together at Walmart
Monday — November 14th, 2011

I was at Walmart last night looking for Skyrim on PC, which was sold out, but I happened to stumble upon a strange union. Spiderman and Batman in one box. I thought there was a collaboration or something, but it turns out someone just put an old Batman in place of where Sentry would be and returned it, nicely taped up.

Best return policy ever!


  1. Lukkai

    I’ll be holding off buying Skyrim for a bit. Haven’t really finished everything I want in Oblivion yet and I want to do that first.

  2. Danny


    I so wanted to buy Skyrim, but it was sold out :(

  3. acce245

    I got Skyrim on Steam. It is pretty slick.

  4. danny

    I’ve played it virtually via “let’s play” on youtube. Going to give it some serious time this weekend :D

  5. Brendan

    That’s pretty funny.

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