Siri Says

Siri Says
Saturday — October 15th, 2011

I was playing with my friends iPhone 4s yesterday.

I was expecting more. Location navigation outside of US currently doesn’t work. That sucks because I’m in Canada. Siri doesn’t dictate the content it finds on the web. IE. “Siri define anthropology” > “these are the results I found” prints definition from wolfram alpha. I was hoping it would say it out loud for me too :P

Other questions that Siri couldn’t answer. “How fast am I going” > “Don’t know ask Apple engineers.”. “15 divided by 6″ > wolfram alpha response.

What I found cool, was the ability to set alarms and reminders, using it like a personal assistant.

I found it interesting how people would ask Siri existential questions. Yet I never see those people ask those questions to their peers. I think Siri offers that impersonal layer, letting people ask playful questions.

Is it worth upgrading? Since I have the 3g iphone, yes. But if you have an iphone 4 already. Not really.

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