Shaiya Goddesses of PAX 09

Shaiya Goddesses of PAX 09
Tuesday — September 8th, 2009

Featuring the ladies of Shaiya.

Sorry about no actual comic today. We just got back from our pilgrimage to the epicentre of geekdom, Seattle WA, for PAX 09.

Boy was it fun.

Game demos and free swag aside, there was true community building at the event. 3 rooms dedicated to FREE play PC games, and FREE play Console games. I mean you could go in check out a game, and play on one of the consoles 30mins at a time like a library. They also had a room dedicated to bringing in your own PC, to challenge fellow PAX attendees to gaming. Not only that there were 2 floors dedicated to table top gaming. I tried Dominion for the first time, and beat Red November the board game with absolute strangers. PAX had a set up such that you could tweet to look for group (LFG). I just wondered around until I found an open game.

In the evening there were concerts, and throughout the day there were panels. All the panels were good, even the bad one I attended “Sex and Video Games”, because it was so bad it was fun to talk about.

Over the course of the weekend, The most DS all played in the same place, must have been broken dozens of times. I’m definitely going to get a DSi now :D .

Finally we found out to our surprise and delight that PAX East will be coming to Boston soon. So no more need to go to the other end of America to get our gaming fix.

More to details about our trip later, I’m exhausted, spent most of the night sleeping on a bench in the airport…


inflatable swords ftw

I’m decompressing from the weekend’s events right now. I’m drained, what with all the sleep deprivation and walking around with heavy swag. With all of the DS chatter, I’ve successfully reached ten thousand stars in Treasure World and scored a huge amount of PP in The World Ends With You.

Highlights for me include Saturday night’s concert (Jonathan Coulton did no less than three encores), the Touhou cosplayer sightings (two Reimus and a Marisa), the Scott Kurtz panel, and the PA Make a Strip panel. Later, I’ll probably post the crappy quality pics I took with my DSi’s camera.

Protip: don’t bother bringing extra shirts when you go to PAX — you can build your wardrobe as you wander around the expo hall.

– Alex

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