RJ’s Room

RJ’s Room
Saturday — July 18th, 2009

Hobbies hobbies hobbies. I’ve had quite a handful of pick em-up toss em-down hobbies. I’ve tried guitar, singing, dancing, producing, painting, sculpting, photography, rock climbing, snowboarding, rafting, biking, skateboarding, wing chun, aikijujitsu, boxing, judo, to name a few. I find it hard to stick to one thing for too long as I get bored easily. What are some of your hobbies/activities?


On Starting Projects

I read somewhere that the hacker mindset (I use the term “hacker” in the traditional sense) is geared towards small projects, on the scale of a few months. In retrospect, this is sort of how I’ve been doing things myself, except the bulk of the new projects revolved around playing different video games. There’s been plenty of other projects though that somehow end up fizzling out after a few months, or I had to pick up again after a fallow period: learning Japanese, creating an RPG Maker 2000 game, watching anime, etc. The University of Waterloo engineering program was pretty good this way, because it alternated between school terms and work placement terms every four months, so I never got stuck with something for too long.

Robot poster image from the second panel used without permission from artist Yoshi Tama (ヨシタマ, pixiv site: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=161675)

– Alex

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