Rival Trainers

Rival Trainers
Tuesday — December 20th, 2011

Alex and I are on to week 3 of our early morning workouts. Alex has gotten crazy strong, he’s went from barely dead lifting 40 pounds to lifting 100 pounds. Without steroids…

This is article that started it all. It provided a very clear metric for strength that can be applied universally.

Strong means the following:
Front Squat 1.5x BW
Dead Lift 2.0x BW
Bench Press 1.5x BW

This is simple measure of strong working nicely for Alex and I. I’ve also come to discovered that I can have kick ass workouts if someone shows up consistently. Alex is like Cal Ripken Jr. in my books, so amazingly consistent. At this rate I’ll be benching 240 lbs in no time.


  1. Brendan

    Are you doing front squats or back squats?

  2. Danny


    Front squats.

  3. Brendan

    Interesting choice. The “powerlifting 3″ are back squat, bench press, and dead lift. Much harder to go heavy on front squats than back squats, but front also keeps your back straighter and allows you to go deeper. Are you going below parallel? Alex said that you don’t have access to a barbell right now, so how are you doing front squats?

  4. danny

    Turns out we were doing modified Back Squats. We did modified Front Squats today. Awesome exercise thanks for the tip.

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