Return Policy

Return Policy
Tuesday — June 15th, 2010

Before our trip to DR, we bought a water proof camera. We were not sure if we should keep it because we had no idea how it would perform. After one week of salt water from snorkeling and swimming, one day of dune buggy mud covered driving, and finally white water rafting this weekend, the camera still takes pictures. We thought it gave up after being covered in dung and mud, but after giving it a hard shake it started taking photos again like new. Except of course the body of the camera is now completely scratched up and the frame is cracked. I wonder if bestbuy will take it back in the current state…


PS. It’s my birthday today, man do I feel old.

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  1. winnie

    agreed. for $200 bucks, the amount of photos we took and the utility it has is well worth it! although some pieces of the protective waterproof covering is starting to come off… and it’s dented since you dropped it on the rocks.

    ps. it’s the fuji film one :D it’s the second cheapest waterproof camera on the market right now. the cheapest is olympus and that one is garbage!

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