Return of the Jedi Redux Redux

Return of the Jedi Redux Redux
Wednesday — September 7th, 2011

Why, why would you keep messing around with something that is already great. I feel like George is picking at an open sore, hoping to make it better. I really wished he would do that with episode 1-3 instead of messing with the good ones.


That Lucas

He is altering the movie. Pray he doesn’t alter it any further.

– Alex


  1. Daryl

    I’m under the assumption he’s only changing it so he can re-re-release the “original untouched editions” and make even more money.

  2. danny

    I’m all for making money. But even I know when to quit.

  3. guy


  4. taki314

    And yet, as much as I prefer the original ROtJ ending, … … Yep, screw re-releases, I’m getting a VCR just so I can watch the original originals.

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