Thursday — June 25th, 2009

Knowledge is magic. My friend Alex Noble fixed his laptop that had a dead motherboard by baking it in an oven, 180 degrees, for 7 minutes. This process works because you are emulating the process that the components undergo at factories. All the parts are places on by mechanical arms, at the speed of a mini gun, then the entire board is baked in an oven for a couple of minutes to solder all the parts to the board.



  1. Pent

    You know, something in my gut tells me that this is a bad idea…

  2. Danny

    Haha, yeah my buddy didn’t say anything about the potential fumes.

  3. bose-einstein snake

    Yeah about that, should the oven be preheated for that?

  4. a1024s

    Hey, Is this the prequel to the Bluetooth arc?

  5. Danny

    Yes it is good catch :D

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