Real Wood Knock

Real Wood Knock
Thursday — July 29th, 2010

I have bought Starcraft 2 and I have no regrets. Sure I’m posting this comic at 3 am in the morning on a work day, but the single player is just too damn good. I started off playing “brutal” and man is it BRUTAL. So I had to step it down a notch and play hard. The strange thing is Normal mode is actually at a slower game speed then hard and brutal.

There are tons of new units in single player. The Medic is back, as is the Firebat, Goliath and Vulture. Also a couple of new ones like the DiamondBack that shoots while moving. Also units have a ton of upgrades that keep them alive in single player that are not available in multi-player.

As for the real wood knocker, I just need to finish the iphone application, and submit that bad boy to apple.

Unfortunately I still have an ass load of stuff to do this weekend, so I’m not sure how this is going to work.



  1. winnie

    omg… sc2

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