Re: Chainmail Bikinis

Re: Chainmail Bikinis
Saturday — August 7th, 2010

Dragon Quest IX one of those games where you actually see the equipment you put on your characters. It’s cool to customize your characters, but every now and then you get a ridiculous-looking piece of equipment which makes you think carefully about balancing how awesome you look versus min-maxing your stats. The “Slood” is one, which is a huge blue slime helmet (as seen in the previous Dragon Quest comic); great stats for an early-game helm, but kind of takes the edge off of my super-cool martial artist. (Incidently, my team are based on characters from Touhou: Marisa the mage, Tenshi the Warrior, and Meiling the martial artist.)

There was also a huge selection of equipment in The World Ends With You, but you didn’t get to see any changes to your avatar. Which is kind of a shame, since seeing Neku in a goth-lolita outfit would’ve been be kind of funny

– Alex

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  1. taltamir

    fuck, if it was powerful magic i’d wear it IRL

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