Rapture Wasn’t Enough

Rapture Wasn’t Enough
Saturday — May 21st, 2011

Contrary to what the comic might say, Ken Jennings is a cool guy. I read his blog; he’s quite a witty, self-deprecating guy. His recent re-appearance on Jeopardy to square-off against Watson prompted an IAmA on reddit which has some pretty amusing banter.

I still think I can take him in a fight, though. I just need to stretch first. And only if there are favourable winds. And also I get a sword.

– Alex

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  1. Halconnen

    I’m reading through the entire archives in one sitting at the moment, and I already felt bad about so many of Perl’s cosplays never having been pointed out. (I spotted some Clannad and Cowboy Bebop back there~)

    But a Resettear reference I can’t just pass by without comment.

    Capitalism, ho!

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