Questionable 3d Printing

Questionable 3d Printing
Thursday — September 29th, 2011

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I was seriously considering buying a 3d printer. When I first started looking into 3d printing the machines were 10k, but thanks to China, we can now buy one for $1500!

Cheap 3d Printing

Perhaps the most impressive thing I’ve seen printed was this RC air plane.

We are almost there people, soon our thoughts can become inventions in a matter of hours.

Now the only issue is control. Good thing guns need a barrel that can withstand the heat and pressure. But I can see someone constructing parts that make semi automatics into automatics. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but things are really starting to get interesting.

Yes, this is real.

Thursday — September 29th, 2011

3D printed AR-15 parts challenge firearm regulation

Information wants to be free, and it wants to kill us all.

– Alex


  1. bender

    but don’t 3d printers only print in ABS plastic? I dunno how well that would
    stand up to the pressure exerted by a bullet. (can they print metal parts now?)

  2. Danny

    I haven’t seen any that print metal yet. Also I think you are right about the bullet pressure thing.

  3. bender

    3D printers *ARE* pretty damn awesome tho considering all the stuff you can
    make with them. If i could afford one, i might never have to build/prototype
    my inventions with lego again. I always get nervous, watching over my shoulder
    and shit experimenting with lego tho, cause it’s made for children. Be like
    “What? I’m not playing with lego. I am prototyping a computer-controlled motor-mount for my cantenna! (If i could afford that damned mindstorm controller,
    i have been thinking about writing a program that makes it “lock on” to a signal
    and follow it, so i wouldn’t have to be in one spot neccisarily while connecting
    to a wifi hotspot.

  4. Danny

    Nothing to be ashamed of lego is the way to go, we used it in university for design projects.

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