PS3 Level Warm Jacket

PS3 Level Warm Jacket
Tuesday — January 5th, 2010

Out of what some may call spite, I bought myself a 700 dollar jacket, a 700 dollar Canada Goose jacket. Why you ask? Because I am tired of being cold and unfashionable. What’s the point of saving up a bunch of money if you can’t binge once in a while?

Speaking of winter fashion, when I was growing up I had the fattest ugliest winter jackets, most of which were hand-me-downs from my older sisters. One year I was forced to wear a giant bright red down jacket. I could be seen several miles away, making hide and seek impossible. As a result of my hate for fat jackets, I spent some time blueprinting the world’s thinnest and warmest jacket. The design consisted of a synthetic fat-like substance that acts as the isolator, of which would be keep in place by a honeycomb shaped pattern -imagine bubble wrap where instead of air you have fat. The designer for the coat would simply stick a sheet of this fat-o-skeleton in between their fabric. The only problem with my million dollar idea, was the fact that it would require a lot of RND to create the fat substance. Of course I could just use whale blubber, but PETA would be all over my ass. On top of that a friend pointed out that any such jacket would be too heavy to wear comfortably. I had completely missed the weight issue, and it was because of this I abandoned the project. I mean if we didn’t care about weight, carrying 2 p3 fats and a car battery wouldn’t seem like such a bad idea…



  1. Alexey Feldgendler

    The “First” link points to the last comic instead.

  2. danny

    Hello Alexey,

    Thanks for the reply, the “First” represents our first ever comic.



  3. Alexey Feldgendler

    I just looked at the page source, and the link points nowhere at all: a href=”" with no URL inside the qoutes.

  4. danny

    Hello Alexey,

    Thanks for the catch! I’ve fixed the issue.



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