PROTIP: Rolling High

PROTIP: Rolling High
Tuesday — December 6th, 2011

We’ve been playing some Dungeons & Dragons after work in the main boardroom. I’m a novice when it comes to pen-and-paper games though; this is only my second campaign playing just a handful of hours a week. We’re playing 4th edition though, in which Wizards of the “Cost” imprinted echos of World of Warcraft, so I can kinda/sorta bring in some video gaming skill into it.

I’ve soaked up a lot of the sentiment in the game though, online and in person. One shibboleth is the mercurial nature of dice: those random numbers never seem random. Do you know why? Because they’re not random. They’re governed by a byzantine system of caprice, but over time mankind has learned to crack the code.

I’ve put into practice several tips from the following guide, How to make the Dice roll high numbers, such as:

If a die showed outstanding achievement that can only be classified as phenomenal (i.e. so lucky that it is eerie), then the die must be preserved and enter royalty status. First, the die must be entrusted to a guardian. Then it should be placed in a special container like a velvet-lined ebony box. If you have more than one special die, then they all may be placed in the container. The container should be engraved with something fitting like “Die of Champions”. Of course, the container must have a lock and at least two keys so if one key-keeper goes mad then there is a backup. The container should be stored in a secure place like a safe or a safety-deposit box. Only during critical gaming sessions may the container be unlocked and the special die used and then only during crucial moments. To decide if the die should be used, the group should vote and only by an unanimous decision can the die be used. When the die is removed from the container, it can only be handled by a person wearing gloves (preferably fine material like silk or leather). The die should only be rolled on fine material like an ivory plaque. After its use, it should be returned to its container.


  1. Techhead

    I don’t think you could get a plaque of ivory nowadays. You’d probably have to settle for synthetic.

  2. Alex

    I guess I’m going to have to settle for critical failures all day every day then. =/

  3. Clockwork Master

    Why 4th ed. WHHHHHYYYYYY!
    (pathfinder is better)

  4. Alex

    Our DM is pretty liberal with the game system. He mixes in a healthy amount of house rules from god-knows-where, so there’s probably a little bit of pathfinder in there.

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