Pro Tip: Sleep Is Important

Pro Tip: Sleep Is Important
Saturday — March 13th, 2010

Going to sleep at a regular time has always been a struggle for me. I believe this all started with my dad’s strict sleeping schedule. If I was not in bed by 9pm he would completely freak out. There was an absolute silence rule everyday 10:00pm, and any phone calls to the house after that time was impossible as my dad would leave one of the phones off the hook. Any and all noise would wake my father from his feather light sleep, which would result in him yelling and cursing loudly for at least an hour.

This didn’t stop me entirely though, throughout the years after lights out, I developed the skill of circumventing his curfew. My father would be awake by 5 am, so if I timed my attacks for around 11:00 pm to 3am I would be relatively safe. What did I do at this time of night you ask? Majority of the time, I would find the phone he unhooked in the house and reconnect it, here I would have multi-hour long sessions discussing life and philosophy with my friends. Sometimes if I was feeling extra adventurous I would sneak out of the house. This was a delicate task as my father would usually sleep in the living room where the entrance was, and hence I mastered opening and closing of doors without a sound. Most of the time I would end up at a friends house for 1 or 2 hours and return home without a hitch, but sometime I was caught during his nightly patrols, and I would hear hours of yelling and cursing. What was extra tricky was sneaking people into the house, which I’m not sure why I even bothered as there was nothing to do in my room. Nonetheless this task was far easier to get them out then it was to in.

So my days before high school consisted of coming home immediately after school, homework from school, homework from my dad, eat, going to bed, chatting/sneaking, then sleep. After high school, the sneaking continued until university where I decided I had enough of this shit.

After typing this I realize now, that I sleep late because I never developed the habit of sleeping early…


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